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Ethnic By Design®
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See Houseware, Fine Art, Books, Educational Items and Lots of other Gifts !
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Holiday Items, 2002-2005 Calendars and other Educational Products !
Journals, Sorority/Fraternity Items, Mousepads, Poster Art and other ethnic items
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Special Discounts on Calendars and Other Products

Great selection of African American Gifts

Art Tiles

Annie Lee, Albert Fennel,
Kenneth Gatewood,
Shaun Cecilio Charles Bibbs and more

Only $20.00

T. Ellis Education is the Key  Prints, Limited Editions,
Serigraphs and Giclees are available
All prints signed by the artist

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Black History Products- Knowledge Cards,
Posters, Games and more

Desktop Posters $15.00
Order on line and Save!

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Afrocentric Ball Point Pens
per pack
Writing Journals and Address Books with Ethnic Designs
$8.00 and up
More Educational Items

We appreciate your interest. Click here free Ethnic By Design® catalog.
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